This is Jake's Story...

Jake is a 20-year-old twin who has been diagnosed with stage 4 Rhabdomyosarcoma, a very rare form of cancer. Going through a vigorous daily radiation treatment and weekly Chemo treatments make him extremely tired, weak and sometimes nauseous.

Jake is otherwise a normal teenage kid. He likes playing computer games, paintball, swimming and golfing. He loves hanging out with his four brothers, 4 wheeling, camping, and ruining his mom's laundry baskets while making home videos. He hopes to someday become a computer programmer.

This blog was started to keep his family and friends updated on his status.

Addendum: Jake became cured of cancer, free of pain and everything this world brings on September 29, 2010. He continues his journey in Heaven. He is doing awesome! Hope you're doing the same!

His family thanks you for your generosity in donations, love and service. God has shown us many tender mercies!
Thanks for being one of them!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Dear Jake,

You're getting a new sister-in-law!  You'll love Caitlin!

I bet you saw Mike getting stuck last night in the mud!  I could just hear you laughing!  Just remember...I came and pulled you out last winter when you got stuck! 

John is "best friends" with Addie now...that's what she told me today.  John's a very patient guy.

So what's new with you?  Are you dating anyone or still learning the ropes up there?  ...or both!

Life is really changing around here! 

Love and miss you bud!


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Dear Jake...

Dear Jake,

Oh how I miss that face of yours!  We all loved the blankets you hugged for us and Sylvia did a great job with the monograms!  Sometimes, when I think I'm doing fine, then I look at a picture of you and the aching for your hugs and just to be in your presence, comes right back.  I know you found our talks annoying sometimes, but it's the part I cherish now.  All the teasing took the sting out of the seriousness of what you had to go through and that you were leaving us soon.

Yes, I have 4 other boys to love and cherish as I did you...but it's not the same.  No one can replace you, Jake!  Sometimes you were a pain in the butt...but so was I at your age.

I wish you could share with me what you're doing now.  Please keep being amazing.  I'm guessing that you saw Uncle Bob come your you get to see all my uncles...and some of yours.  I can't be sad that you are where you need to be, but not being part of your life makes me sad.  I think it always I try not to go there too much.

As I reflect on 2011, I'm trying to decide if it was a good year or a bad year.  Perhaps it was good and bad...Bad because you left, Good because of all the love we felt in the process and how much we have grown.  Ugh...bad because you left us!  My heart is still reeling from that one...yet I have never been more aware of how much God loves us...that part is also hard to forget!

So, Jake...2012 won't compare to 2011.  I'm hoping we won't have the heartache we had last year, but we won't have the amazing love and miracles we saw last year that part is going to have to last us a while.  I hope it's not as hard to find joy this year.  Some of my joy left with you, Jake...but I know there is more out there to find...and I hope it finds me!

Love you, bud!  Hope Christmas was awesome for you!