This is Jake's Story...

Jake is a 20-year-old twin who has been diagnosed with stage 4 Rhabdomyosarcoma, a very rare form of cancer. Going through a vigorous daily radiation treatment and weekly Chemo treatments make him extremely tired, weak and sometimes nauseous.

Jake is otherwise a normal teenage kid. He likes playing computer games, paintball, swimming and golfing. He loves hanging out with his four brothers, 4 wheeling, camping, and ruining his mom's laundry baskets while making home videos. He hopes to someday become a computer programmer.

This blog was started to keep his family and friends updated on his status.

Addendum: Jake became cured of cancer, free of pain and everything this world brings on September 29, 2010. He continues his journey in Heaven. He is doing awesome! Hope you're doing the same!

His family thanks you for your generosity in donations, love and service. God has shown us many tender mercies!
Thanks for being one of them!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Chemo week 28

That update is at (or see the link on the right to My Mom's Blog).  The update to that update is that Jake is feeling much better!  I dived into the the cleaning of the pantry today and Jake felt good enough to sit at the counter and give me annoying comments like:  Throw that out!  We don't need that!  That's old!  Get rid of it!  Mom, why are you getting rid of that?

His hands are still too weak to do much, so he asked me to cut his toe nails.  I asked him if I could take a picture, but he wouldn't let me.  I'll just tell you, they were so long, I had to cut them twice!  He said he chewed his fingernails, so they didn't need cutting...resourceful! 

The swelling has gone down out of his face but there is still some swelling in his leg.  I didn't realize this because he has been wearing long pants or long pajamas and I couldn't see his leg.  He gained a couple pounds...that's always good...for him!

We get a scan in three weeks to see how he's doing.  That will be our next chemo visit.

Jake got a very expensive shot last night.  Supposedly, he will only have to have one shot until his next chemo, instead of a shot every day.  I don't know how much they will charge us, I just know that their cost was $3000.  Anyway...I was asking Jake if he had any side effects from the shot and he told me that talking about anything medical/hospital related makes him nauseous.  So it has come to this now!

Well Jakey, we only have 8 more dates in Salt Lake.  I promise not to make you eat or smell any food from the big white building.  I'm praying that our long dates won't make you as sick as the last one did and we can get through these last weeks of ..... mother-son bonding!  We're almost done, bud!  You can do this!  Just a little bit longer!

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